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Saturday, July 15, 2006

I am Freedom

“I am free to speak what I want to say. I am a free man. No one should interfere unto my freedom, curtail my right to speak and express my idea on any matter even to those which is contrary to the belief and ideology of my comrades in the society and adverse to that of the standpoint of the government.”

I am not rebellious when I seek the truth or when I criticize the government for evading to answer my query on the legitimacy of its highest leader (specifically President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo) and for exposing its corrupt ways when it enacted its program of giving fertilizers to Congressional representatives whose constituents are people of Manila perhaps to let them grow their crops and farm the city areas and suburbs.

Though I was once condemned when I said in one letter that: “I committed suicide because I am ashamed of our government under (President) Roxas. I cannot hold high my brows to the world with this government.” I also included the words: “Dear wife, write to President Truman and Churchill. Tell them that here in the Philippines our government is infested with many Hitlers and Mussolinis.” I went to jail for writing these words. [See Espuelas vs. People, 90 Phil. 524 (1951)] Nevertheless, despite what has happened to me, I will still continue to expressed my idea and speak what I have in mind.

I already received many blows of contempt from our courts in freely relating my idea and protecting those people from whom I received my enlightenment to the Truth. In the Bar Examination of 1948, I’ve known through a source that there was a leakage which thereafter, I divulge the same in a newspaper. The Court asked me the source of my information which I decline to expose in view of my word to those sources not to tell anyone who they are that they may be protected of the consequences of the revelation. Because of this, I was cited in contempt. [See In Re: Angel Parazo, 82 Phil. 230 (1948)] Moreover, when I criticize the Court for citing me in contempt and adding that the Court committed “so many blunders and injustices”, I was again cited in contempt. [See In Re: Sotto 82 Phil. 595 (1948)] Moreover, when I tried to expose that the Justices of the Court and their families where given a trip to Hong-Kong for giving a decision in favor of the person who made possible such trip, I am again cited in contempt for derogating into the integrity of the Court. [See In Re Jurado A.M. 93-2-037SC, April 6, 1995]

Though I am aware that I am free to speak anything, I do know that I cannot speak any libelous remarks or defame their reputation maliciously against any of my comrades in the society. [See Article 355, 356, 357, 358, 359, 363 and 364 of the Revised Penal Code] Moreover, I cannot speak anything which incites others to commit rebellion or insurrection and sedition. [See Article 138 and 142 of the Revised Penal Code] I am likewise aware that I am not protected and guaranteed by our Constitution when I speak or express myself in an obscene manner.

Nevertheless, I am free. I am free to express or convey my ideas to others. God created me with free will, and I should not succumb to the bounds of silence just because when I spoke of the truth, I would find myself in jail or worse, find myself underneath the soil with a marker entitled “Family Remembrance.” I am a free man. I am Freedom.


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